RuSaH Music is an independent record label, famous for its Dutch hip hop releases. Nowadays we release all sorts of music, movies and promotions. RuSaH Music was founded in 2016 as a Dutch hiphop label. The Trippynation hit ‘Living A lie’ made the label equally impressive in the Dutch music scene. From then on, the ball was rolling: RuSaH Music is now a new leader in the Dutch hiphop industry and one of the most growing independent labels in the Netherlands.

RuSaH Music releases music from several popular Dutch hip hop artists. Such RS. In addition to releasing music. RuSaH Music also releases videos and organizes concerts, festival, merchandising of all artists, and produces documentaries and films.

RuSaH Music has changed his moves. We have stopped all collaborations. Currently we are only meant for the administration and rights of RS. We have partnered with ROW management. ROW Management takes over a large part of RuSaH music. Together we & ROW Management are working on RS.

We still own a lot of Rap/Trap/house beats. You can buy this at the original “The Store” at our website. These are the original beats of RSBeats. Protected by RuSaH Music. RSbeats is an alias of RS. You can fill in the “contact” form for any¬†collaboration or questions.

*You can also just buy the beat. RuSaH Music preserves the rights of the beats.

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